1. Do I need a credit card to buy online tickets?
  2. No you can purchase online tickets with an EFT or with a cash deposit. Purchase your tickets as usual and click on “bank transfer” instead of “credit card” on the checkout page. Please follow the instructions. Your ticket is reserved for 24 hours in order to make the payment.

  3. How many online tickets can I buy at a time?
  4. Tickets are limited to four per person in order to curtail ticketing fraud and scalping.

  5. What is the booking fee?
  6. The booking fee of R5 is charged by Quicket to cover administrative and other ticketing management charges.

  7. Can I bring an electronic copy of my ticket on my phone?
  8. Yes, you can. Please however download the ticket on your phone and save it before you come to the event. The signal at the gate does drop at times and then we are not able to scan your ticket. If you print out your ticket please do so on recycled paper.

  9. Does the name on the ticket need to match my id?
  10. Yes it does. You can change the name on the ticket by logging into your Quicket account, clicking on “my tickets” and then clicking on “edit”.

  11. Money came off my credit card but I did not receive a ticket confirmation?
  12. Don’t panic! Please email directly and they will resolve it for you.

  13. I entered the incorrect email address when buying my tickets, what now?
  14. Again, don’t panic! Please email directly and they will resolve it for you.

  15. Does the ticket price include camping?
  16. Yes, please team up with your friends to bring tents, camping gear and whatever else you need to create a nice camping spot.

Please Note: Online tickets are real tickets. Do not forward them to anyone or make copies. Each ticket has a barcode and when this is scanned at the gate any ticket holders with duplicate barcodes will be turned away.

Experiencing any online ticketing problems?
Please contact customer care on or call +27 (0)21 424 9308


  1. I have lost or defaced my ticket. What do I do?
  2. Sadly there is nothing we can do about that. Please take care of your tickets!

  3. I have a ticket but was turned away at the gate because I am under 18.
  4. Again, there is nothing we can do about that. This is a strictly over 18 event. Unfortunateky these tickets are non-refundable.