Please go to the Information Station for general queries, advice and information, lost property and incident reports. There will also be a message board where you can leave messages or if you want to find your friends.


There will be a donation box at the gate. If you have anything to spare, no matter how small, please bring it along. Tins of food, old clothes, old books – reduce, reuse, recycle.


Please hand in or collect lost property from the Information Station.


Please leave your valuables at home! Unfortunately even though we implement several security measures outdoor events are easy targets for crime. Do not under any circumstances leave any valuables in your tent. Ensure that you are aware of where your wallets, cell phones and keys are at all times – best to attach these items to your body so that you don’t lose them. Media folks and artists with expensive equipment may have them locked up at the Information Station.


As always we welcome special needs party goers to Rezonance and have this year allocated a designated area as close as possible (about 200 m) to the dance floor areas where you are able to camp and park. Disabled toilets will be provided and your friends may camp with you. Guide dogs are permitted. Please bear in mind that this is an outdoor festival site subject to rough terrain in areas. Let us know if you need a hand to make your festival experience more comfortable.

Please arrange special needs access prior to the festival by emailing


  • Toilets: Please use the various toilet facilities provided. Do not use the bushes.

  • Showers: Hot showers are available free of charge. Shower opening times are from 6 am until 10 am and from 4 pm until 10 pm every day. Please use only biodegradable soap in the shower facilities.


There will be a cash back system onsite, available at the info center, cash back fees are 3.5%. The cash back fees are the card facility fee charges. Please note cash sales only at the gate.


Please take responsibility for your waste and live by the Leave No Trace set of principles. It is up to each festival goer to put their refuse in the bins provided. There is no excuse for littering. Be considerate of the other people at the event, respect the beautiful farm, be the beautiful conscious person that you are. Be The Change. All refuse is processed for recycling.

  • The refuse bag you receive at the entrance is free of charge. All we ask is for you to use it.

  • Please bring pocket ashtrays if you smoke.

  • Please refrain from using petrochemical products that seep into the water and environment. Specifically use biodegradable soaps and shampoos.

  • Please pick up rubbish when you see it laying around EVEN IF IT IS NOT YOURS.


There are several drinking water points located all over the festival grounds. Fill your containers as often as possible and stay hydrated. Water is life, please use it wisely. Switch OFF the tap once you are done.


You will be able to charge your mobile phone at the Information Station. Please do not leave your phone there, charging is at own risk.


In addition to being a valuable member of the Rezonance family, volunteers will also receive full entry to the festival for three days and two nights as well as crew camping and parking. Please refer to the Participate section for more information.


You may take alcohol into the camping sites but in accordance with liquor legislation you will not be allowed to bring alcohol onto the dance floor and bar areas. This will be strictly enforced.


  • Look out for each other. Love and respect your trance family. Respect the venue and the neighbours. We are One.

  • Trust your instincts. Do not accept drinks in open containers. Report suspicious behavior immediately to security officers.

  • This is a strictly no under eighteen event. Green bar-coded IDs and drivers licenses will be asked at the entrance. Tickets are non-refundable if you are under 18 and have obtained a ticket. Parents, please do not treat this is a babysitting facility and drop your underage kids off.

  • No glass allowed on festival site. Broken glass is difficult to clean and causes injuries to farm animals.

  • No open fires or gas braais anywhere under any circumstances.

  • No animals allowed. We love animals and want to keep them safe. The sound levels, heat and the responsibility of taking care of them in such an environment means it is better to leave them at home. They will not enjoy it like you. Guide dogs welcome.