1. How far is Cape Town from Rezonance Festival?
  2. The venue is about 170 km from Cape Town and should be no more than 1hour 45 minutes drive.

  3. Can I come the day before?
  4. No. Gates open at 10 am on Friday 30 December 2016. Please do NOT arrive before this time.

  5. Does the ticket price include camping?
  6. Yes, please team up with your friends to bring tents, camping gear and whatever else you need to create a nice camping spot.

  7. Is the venue accessible for normal vehicles?
  8. Yes there is no rough terrain or bad roads.

  9. Is there a place to swim?
  10. Yes there is a beautiful dam right next to the Nova Stage.

  11. Can I braai?
  12. Open fires or gas braais are not allowed under any circumstances anywhere on the festival grounds.

  13. Can I bring my own generator?
  14. No not without permission from the organizers.

  15. Can I bring my dog?
  16. No animals allowed. We love animals and want to keep them safe. The sound levels, heat and the responsibility of taking care of them in such an environment means it is better to leave them at home. They will not enjoy it like you. Guide dogs welcome.

  17. Can I bring my own alcohol to the festival?
  18. You may take alcohol into the camping sites but in accordance with liquor legislation you will not be allowed to bring alcohol onto the dance floor and bar areas. Please also not that no glass is allowed on the festival site.

  19. Do you have credit card facilities at the festival?
  20. There will be a cash back system onsite, available at the info center, cash back fees are 3.5%. The cash back fees are the card facility fee charges.

  21. Will food be sold?
  22. Yes there are a myriad of food vendors catering for all tastes.

  23. Will underage people be allowed in with adult supervision?
  24. Unfortunately, as is required by law, nobody under the age of 18 will be allowed entry at the festival.

  25. Can I camp next to my car?
  26. For your safety and for emergency evacuation procedures the parking will be separate from the camping. Camping will only be allowed in the designated camping fields. Fear not, the parking fields are never more than few minutes’ walk from the camping fields. Camper vans and mobile homes will be parked in a designated field and are welcome. Attendees with special needs may camp by their vehicles in a designated area.

  27. Will the gate price drop later on in the festival?
  28. Yes the price at the gate will drop on the 1st and the 2nd. Keep an eye on the website and the Facebook Fanpage for details of times and by how much.

  29. Where is the lost property handed in?
  30. Lost property is handed in at the Information Station. Please report theft to the security officers immediately. We will also post all uncollected lost property on our website and Facebook page after the festival to help reunite owners with their belongings. For lost car keys, the Information Station will have details of a nearby locksmith to help.

  31. I lost my ID, can I bring other identification instead?
  32. You may bring your driver’s license or passport as proof of age. Unfortunately certified ID copies will not be acceptable due to high incidents of fraud.

  33. I come from far and do not want to travel with a tent and camping gear/ Are there accommodation options?
  34. Yes click here for more info.

  35. Can I buy day tickets for the event?
  36. We want Rez Fest to be a full festival experience and we do not sell day tickets for the event. The price at the gate will however drop on 1 January 2017 and on 2 January 2017. The exact amount will be confirmed closer to the time both here and on Facebook. Cash sales only at the gate.